About Us

Maria is a qualified pet stylist who has undertaken her training with a Certified Master Groomer and has completed a Certificate III in Companion Animal Services, a nationally recognized dog grooming course.

Maria is an animal lover and has 3 dogs and 1 cat who for most of the time live in harmony with each other.  After caring and grooming animals for most of her life she decided to become qualified in providing professional grooming services and now predominantly prefers to devote her time making your pet look and feel his or her best!


At Animal Stylz I bath your dog the old fashioned way to get them squeaky clean. They are wet down in the comfort of a large bath with fresh warm water and at the very least, hand washed twice (more if necessary). I only use naturally based shampoos specific to the condition of your pet’s skin and coat condition. They are then either towel dried or thoroughly dried with a warm blow dryer and groomed out using professional grooming tools.

I will also check the anal glands of small dogs and express if necessary.  Any difficult or impacted anal glands will be referred to your vet.

Please refer to the ‘Services’ page for a comprehensive list of the types of washes and grooming packages I deliver.

Grooming Times

All grooming times are by appointment only from Monday through to Saturday. Please call to discuss what times are suitable to you.